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Exclusively for MiMA residents and their dogs, Dog City is a phenomenal new dog care facility located on the third floor of MiMA at 450-460 West 42nd Street. It offers specially designed indoor and outdoor play spaces for dogs and their owners. Staffed by some of the city's most experienced dog professionals, Dog City is a place your dog will want to visit every day, for long walks to local parks and dog runs, for play dates with other dogs, to get groomed, shampooed and massaged, to receive the very best in professional training, to see a vet, or to just sniff, roll and frolic.

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What's the difference between a good dog and a great dog? Training! Properly trained puppies are a pleasure forever. But training puppies is just part of what we do at Dog City. The real marvel is the wonders our trainers can achieve with dogs that haven't had proper puppyhood training. Sit. Stay. Come. For dogs trained at Dog City, obeying basic commands is only the beginning. From teaching simple potty training to advanced obedience, our professional trainers are the best in the business and use the most proven positive methods.

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When you're away at work or play, you want your dog in good hands – and nobody knows and loves dogs more than the handlers at Dog City. We're dog people! We have the knowledge, energy, experience and enthusiasm to give your dog the attention he or she deserves. We're ready to walk, run, wander, explore and play. Just as important, we know how to keep your dog safe and protected in city parks and on the street. Our handlers are even trained in CPR and first aid. We're the "good hands" handlers!

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When a dog looks good, its owner looks good. With over 35 years of combined grooming experience, our groomers are the crème de la crème. Masters of grooming with a natural flair and eye for symmetry, nobody gives a better salon-quality cut and wash. Sorry – dogs only, no owners.

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For boarding, dog running and veterinary services, Dog City has forged partnerships and alliances with the most reputable, highly-regarded dog professionals in New York City. Think of us as your Dog Concierge. We'll make the arrangements because it's our mission to improve the lives of your city dogs.

Out of town for the weekend? Away on a business trip? We can coordinate your dog's stay at New York's best crate-free boarding facility.
running service:
Stuck indoors? Your dog still needs exercise. We can see to it that your dog gets daily fitness sessions all from the comfort of your home.
veterinary care:
Dog City will be providing regular on-site veterinary care. With options ranging from the latest vet care technology to alternative therapy, your dog will be cared for by an AAHA-certified practitioner.
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